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The Future Form The Past

Markets are changing world wide and the new blockchain technology is opening avenues into distribution and supply chains that are more web centered. As These changes happen, we can draw on the past to find new ways of doing business and commerce. Buying with money has become a swipe on the smart phone. We at RealDealium have created a new idea and a standard backed asset in RealDealium. Our goals are to create a new way to support charity and provide our publishing division a currency asset that can enhance our market presence. To bring a ancient asset like books from the past, we must embrace the future where blockchain can give us all the benefits of knowledge and shared wealth to enhance the individual and community.

Trending Markets

New exchanges and emerging markets for cryptocurrencies are opening every day. Mining hash has become a way for even the little ones to find change in the couch cushions of the web. In reaching out to rual areas and distant lands, our charity partners have provided a means to leadership proven and prophetic yet to come. We mine bit coins in several ways and provide a cryptocurrency that gives potential to growth and benefits charitable efforts of our teams. We have structured our plan with expert engineering while passing on the wisdom of the leaders that help establish our dreams. R. Captain Daniel W Merrick PhD and his team of members from universities and around the world have made a base to establish new ideas. Our Founding companion outlet of Eternal Light & Power Company Publishing and RDJC, inc. have provided over 140 publications in music, film and print best selling books and bible translations available at Amazon.Com. These efforts supporting our charities The Merrick Foundation Org & CYMG UCCMA 501(C)3 listed with GuideStar providing accountablility, has allowed us to create this potential 2.240B market cap company.   

Why Us?

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto &

What ever happened to him ?

Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym/name of a person or group of people who created the original Bitcoin client and author of the original reference white paper which details the protocol. Nakamoto participated in the network by helping with the code and mining until 2010 when he/they disappeared, never to be heard from again. Some said he was a time traveler from the past or future, others though an alien. Some said he had escaped the rat race for a beach and peace with all that money. 

Now for the rest of the story ... 

In 2015 a man by the name of Satoshi Hash Nakamoto showed up in America with a child and wife who had claimed to have lost the keys to his bitcoin wallet. He was employed by a engineering company and came from Japan to work on a executive team in environmental

control systems. He claimed to have dicovered while in the hills of Pennsylvania one day a rare ore which he called Realdealium. This ore had been encapsulated in a gold colored substance called Dealithium which he so named it after his star trek alter ego who was named Dill Eth E M. When going to Trekie conventions. 

After many years in America, he forgot all about what had happened when Bitcoin was formed and sought to help others to form new coins from the substance of dreams found in these rare and wonderful ores he had discovered. When at the campfire on his ipad one day, he

said to me, as if to inspire, the real deal you have so now you need the magic coins in the bitaverse. So this is how RealDealium was born and Dealithium too, to fill the bitaverse with wealth and love from the magic dust of hashes found dripping from the honey bees and in the rare rates and megahertz of a  computational deal Emma. 

He said this all to me as he was talking to Emma, who now works as a pie marker at 314 bakery lane where she sells pies for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies somewhere in the bitaverse. So the answer to the question Why Us? is simply who else would come up with such and amazing story but geeks like us who mine eth, nxt and other coins on the net?

Drop us a line below and when our ICO white paper is up and running you can get in on the real deal. Legal stuff is simple, if it isn't legal it's not stuff we do. See our TOS. For our Publications and books visit YahBible.Org

To Own RealDealium and Dealithium cryptocurrency coins you will need a Free Wallet  found in the Store on this site or at the bottom of this page. Simply download the Counterparty Free app then order your coins providing the address from you wallet. Funds used for Charity and asset value added DEX exchange. 

BITAVERSE DEFINED: The universe of bits exchanged inside the web and it's expanding growth like the universe we live in. 


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Welcome To RealDealium

 There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop by our Store and don't forget to help charity and this effort to do good by getting some Dealithium and RealDealium. Values are paid asset dividends based on the quantity you own over time. You can also use them as tokens to trade at parties or Events with Dr Merrick and the RealDealium Team. Motivational and Spiritual events are on our calendar on this site.