CLICK ON THE PICS AT TOP OF PAGE TO SEE BIGGER SCREEN SHOTS. You will want to get a wallet and fund it with BIT COINS by going to the web site on the first page by clicking the ad called COIN MAMA. Then CLICK HERE and download the desktop version of this wallet for COUNTERPARTY that has the Decentralized Exchange of the DEX inside the wallet. Scroll down to see a larger image.


Inside the wallet on The LEFT SIDE has the word EXCHANGE with two arrows going both directions. Click it and under that will appear the word MARKET. Click it and then go over to the right where there is two blocks to fill in. In one block put REALDEALIUM or DEALITHIUM and in the other put BTC or XCP. If you do not have XCP then you can buy it here on the exchange. There is an FAQ instruction page at


After entering the PAIR you want to trade, SCROLL DOWN to the BUY and SELL area of the exchange. You can copy and paste the BTC price from the sell sections of REALDEALIUM or DEALITHIUM and put it in the BUY section of the page. Enter the amount you want and then click the blue button to execute your order. The more orders that go in the better the rating we get. Remember unlike most CRYPTO COINS we are a ASSET BACKED currency with Real Property and equity behind us. So your buy and sell orders will help make this a success and build the coins into a market. 

Decentralized exchanges offer the best value for the crypto currency of tomorrow. The DEX offers small businesses an opportunity to transfer equity into real value by using the blockchain coin market. 

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Knowing the value of the asset and knowing you can trade it for currency you can spend is what REALDEALIUM and DEALITHIUM offer to us as a communty. 

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 There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop by our Store and don't forget to help charity and this effort to do good by getting some Dealithium and RealDealium. Values are paid asset dividends based on the quantity you own over time. You can also use them as tokens to trade at parties or Events with Dr Merrick and the RealDealium Team. Motivational and Spiritual events are on our calendar on this site.  Don't forget to share our page and site on the net with friends and family.