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Hashie Nakazarah

"If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist." Hashie is always somewhere in the bitaverse hashing out the blockchain and gathering up data. Not that Data from Star Trek, this data is routed and confirmed by you. Find Hashie and you may get a RealDealium or Dealithium coin for your wallet. 

Hashie is our mythical miner who is always with us helping to find new apps and give us an encouraging word to keep up the good work. Soon Hashie may take on an avatar and appear on this site and give you special ways to earn the real deal coins. Until then, he is trapped in the web hashing things out. 

R. Captain Daniel W. Merrick PhD

Retired Army Captain Dan Merrick is the author of "Instructions To Money" published on Amazon Press by Eternal Light & Power Company. Having authored of over 40 books and a collection of 60 musical compositions as an ASCAP songwriter and publisher, Dan wrote about new ideas in finance in "Merrick REESA Energy Solution" outlining a method of funding government, business and retirement plans through SLL bond based interest accounts as savings or FOREX. The idea is to fund charity and retirement with bond based and asset based interest markets to capitalize projects. The SLL or Self Liquidating Loan would be used and backed by financial instruments such as US Treasury Zero Coupon bonds to enhance the assets backed by asset values in equity. When bonds mature, they yield the cost of operations startup funding and growth in reinvestment income streams. Dr. Dan wants to bring this effort to assets in the blockchain method and supply profits for charity works and angel money for mission and business.  By funding non profit NGO's with RealDealium DEX exchanges, the savings can be passed on to the users who can secure Retirement funding lacking with traditions NGOs. 

J. L. Merrick

Jay is an Engineering student at Penn State working on his BE in Computer Engineering. He is code and network certified with SYSCO Systems and network management. His hardware skills are in high demand in building new coding method keying systems with multi-code encrypted inputs to streamline coding operations. When it comes to building mining operations or digging into electronics for HHO generators Jay is the expert's expert. Jay works as a consultant now and will move into COE and Engineer when he graduates. 

Non Profit Advisers

CYMG is a world wide group of missionaries, members and people just like you. We gather at a web site online and network to share insights and our love of one another and ancient texts. Many of us have been working to produce media and content on truth revealing subjects that can impact lives by networking for good. Since many of us work in ministry or missions, we have been active as crypto users to facilitate NPO funding world wide, and have invested and traded in traditional and non-traditional methods of generating income. We are over 4000 strong in social network presence and have over 1700 root members on our congregation own social network at YahsSpace.Org Our group method of interaction to create a collective agreement is much like the voting system built into many blockchain systems. This facilitates our ability to have a community involvement in this project. 

The Goal Is The Prize

Dan Merrick On CTV Pittsburgh

In the early 90's Dr Dan appeared on CTV and began working as an announcer for Ken Gaub. Later he hosted "Captain Dan The Cavalry Man Radio" and "Faith Radio" on syndicated networks on AM - FM and Internet feeds like TUNEIN. In 1999 his book came out "Instructions To Money, From Welfare To Millionaire" and the associated media blitz on the topic of a cashless transaction as a prophetic future was a part of that discussion. With "Instructions To Money" Radio born and the publication of the "Merrick REESA Solution", the efforts to enhance personal and community income models at an individual level to fund innovation development was begun. The problem with money is primary to all in that there is never enough to bring good ideas into real world applications with out the seeds of creative prototypes. All good people enjoy giving and supporting causes yet when it comes to retirement with passive income streams and business that builds toward a prosperous future, as stated in his book, "The Only Way To Surely Fail is Never Really Try". Those who begin young and early to build wealth are rewarded by their endurance sharpened by the challenges presented in a goal oriented life. Wisdom and age has it's benefits, but age seeks toward youth in a desire to impart knowledge to the next generation. The legacy of tomorrow is built on the foundation of today. Even in scriptures we find the idea that we must believe to receive a gift by acceptance. A goal is a dream your heart makes when you plan for great things to benefit yourself, your faith, your family  and your community. To that ends RealDealium io has formed a team to present a white paper on the ideas of solutions to the problems of finance for retirement, charity funding and innovation's dreams. 

All That Glitters Made by Bit'ers

As our team expands members and grows into the a innovative operational organization, we hope you will join us on the way to the future and spread the news about how you do the Real Deal Jump to Crypto to fund good works of business and charity world wide. Without you, we can not make this dream of the bitaverse come true. 

Here are a few of the projects we are setting goal to fund with RealDealium:












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 There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop by our Store and don't forget to help charity and this effort to do good by getting some Dealithium and RealDealium. Values are paid asset dividends based on the quantity you own over time. You can also use them as tokens to trade at parties or Events with Dr Merrick and the RealDealium Team. Motivational and Spiritual events are on our calendar on this site.