Real Deal Assets

Real Estate

This Rehab rental property is one of the many properties own by our parent corporation RDJC, Inc. Total assets in Real Estate are valued at $750K When these assets are sold, the funds are used to liquidate debt and the profit is reinvested in RealDealium to build market capitalization and a portion donated to charity. All titles and abstracts are held by RDJC, Inc. (a sub-chapter S corporation) or are held by Hamlin Bank and Trust Company of Smethport Pennsylvania. 

Commercial Property

commercial properties in rural towns like Smethport and Bradford Pa are a prized possession for small business start ups. This property was once a sewing shop and before that house a local newspaper. It is zoned dual use residential and commercial. Capitalizing a potential 2B market with the base net worth of 9.7M through RealDealim and Dealithium coins is a innovation method used to utilize equity without increasing debt to do it.


Rural housing gives us and opportunity to redevelop properties into modern housing in a limited market. This allows us to come in with under budget costs and rehab or plan new construction projects that stimulates the local economy. Market value is increased by taking low cost projects and turning the property into a profit.


This three bedroom is on the market now after being remodeling. The price is under market it the area but will have great returns once sold at $49,900.00 


Multi Unit properties like this one own by RDJ our parent company has three units and coin operated laundry machines to enhance income flow. Market asset value is $264,000.00 by the income method. That is a 1% real estate method cap rate.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property such as music, copyrights, logos and trademark as well as domain names have become currency in the modern digital age. RDJC, Inc is the holding company of our intellectual rights in trust for our NPO and the royalty beneficiaries. Publishing books was once a long drawn out method to make money by submission to publishers. Now it has become a simple bit exchange with verification of copyright ownership. Eternal Light & Power Company Publishing, a division of RDJC, Inc., has published over 40 books in Genealogy, Genetic Genealogy fiction and bibles.  Asset to income ratio gives us income streams with on demand publishing making our music, films and books available in every bookstore and online would wide. EL&PCo Books are distributed into bookstores world wide as well as digital downloads on the net thought Amazon.   


Net Valuation

 Over 140 domain names and a music library of collective works registered with ASCAP and recorded in the library of Congress, our total asset value is just under 9.8M Gross That is a debt to asset ratio of 2.39% and a net worth of a little more based on dry goods and retail inventory on hand making of 9.75M.


Net to Digital Coin Value

With a 500M initial offering we factor we divide a digital asset to valuation ratio of 0.01989 using the rule of 10 for projected earnings base on sales and marketing (see white paper) our RealDealium Coin is valued at $1.989 USD per with a projected royalty to nonprofit charity of 15% or 29 Cents per coin sold. Dealithium is at $1.58 with a charity rate of 20 Cents per coin. 

Crypto Currency Market Ratios

USD  TO ETH  on Jan 30 this year was 0.0175 ETH in valuation for one RealDealium coin. DASH 0.0027 BTC 0.000188 the difference in those coins and RealDealium is hard asset valuation method of determination of offering price. A great market converter is at Investing Com

We vaule Dealithium and RealDealium against the XCP Crypto Coin which is presently trading at about $43 As your contributions come in, the RDM and DLT (Proposed ticker symbols) coins will go up in value as we trade BTC for XCP.  You can also get your coins in our store with USD or donate at RDJCatalog.Com 

Why Charity ?

Rural and Small market values are enhanced by the world community at large when we all contribute to help charity and micro-economies of scale. Where a cost of living may be offset by distribution of products, the value may be greater for smaller cost projects. For example a water well in a small village in south America may not be of significance to someone in the United States in cost, yet the real costs of giving are the enhanced lives one can touch by direct contributions. Distribution of crypto  Currency helps overcome the challenges that long distance presents where the emerging internet is growing. One of the ways we work in these areas is through Team Yahshua with Kiva giving micro loans to small groups and individuals who create small businesses in their communities.

Bottom Line Calculations

We project a reinvestment dividend per coin placed back in value of about .1 to .2 in the first 12 months our coin goes on the market. Of course there is nothing in the world of investments that avoids all risks. But when the risk to reward ratio is hard asset values and potential profit that you can afford to risk, the best thing to do is consult an licensed investment adviser and ask about our RealDealium coin. 


Every program on TV and every stock, bond or other investment in life comes with disclaimers and risks. I buy silver coins, gold coins and digital coins myself. Yet when ever I get a offering to purchase anything, there is always the small print. "Your results may vary" and "projected earning is not real earnings", "Passed results are not a predition of furture results only an estimate of potential based on expert advise". After the election in the US last year, the experts said the market would crash. Yet it went up 300% with the DOW at $26000+ So to me, the disclaimer bottom line should be, can I afford to lose this money? Will I miss a meal or lose my house car wife and kids if I lose this cash? If the answer is yes, then don't buy it. But if the value is in hard assets like silver, gold or real property where the value may be at risk, but the market trends show you don't lose real value even when costs are falling, that is when I say the risk reward ratio must be thought over carefully.  

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